A great kitchen is more than just having a stylish design. The way you organize your kitchen plays a big role in making your kitchen look and feel great. After all, who likes to cook in a messy kitchen?

The first step in organizing your kitchen is to declutter it. Do you still have wedding-registry items that are yet to be opened? Perhaps you’ve been so tempted to order that kitchen item from TV infomercials? When decluttering, Lifehacker has a great tip using the box method. “Use the box method to weed out the kitchen tools you never use, reevaluate whether you really need more than the essential kitchen items in your kitchen, get rid of the bulk spices that have already expired, reboot a junk food-filled pantry, and use up food in your freezer at least twice a year.”

Another thing that makes a kitchen look disorganized are the mismatched food storage containers. To maximize the amount of space you have in your cupboards, use matching containers with colours that complement your kitchen.

If you’re planning to organize your kitchen, here are some must-haves to have a clean and clutter-free kitchen!

1. Have sticky or spillable food items? Put them in a lazy susan!

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2. Stop your onions from sprouting and store them inside a jute bag.
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3. Use a recipe holder to keep your cookbooks from getting wet or splashed with oil.
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4. Use bread baskets to store kitchen items or produce that doesn't need to be refrigerated.
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5. Prevent your cereal or other dry foods from going stale by using a cereal dispenser.
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