Milk frothing thermometers are considered absolutely crucial in creating the perfect milk froth lattes and cappuccinos. If it is a few degrees off, it might just become lukewarm leche that will not be fit to serve on any drink. Stainless steel thermometers are specifically designed to instantly measure the temperature of milk and frothed milk when you are serving drinks to your guests. They have an easy to read Celsius and Fahrenheit dial that shows the temperature of the frothing. To give you more control over your frothing, PurpleSpoilz brings you milk frothing thermometers to create the perfect, silken foam to put on your coffee.

PurpleSpoilz features milk frothing thermometers by Davis and Waddell, as well as, Rhinowares. They come in different sizes. You can also choose a digital milk frothing thermometer over an analog one. Just browse through our collection and pick the one that's right for you.

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