Microwaves have become a necessity in households today, whether you want to cook, bake, grill or simply heat up milk or butter, microwaves really come in handy throughout the day. What is even more important is to have utensils that are heat-proof, and microwave-safe that you can use conveniently for all these purposes.

PurpleSpoilz brings you an extensive collection of stylish, exclusively designed and durable microwave sets, that are not only heat proof but also dishwasher-safe and freezer-proof as well.

We have premium-quality plastic bowls, rice and pasta cookers, soup mugs, tray, steamer set, breakfast bowl and much more. All our microwave-safe cookware can be reheated multiple times. You do not always have to use air-tight microwave sets for heating and cooking purposes. You can also use them for storing dry fruits, snacks and biscuits in your kitchen.

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