Hessian Bags

Want to make a difference to your environment by choosing to use bags made from natural plant fibres? PurpleSpoilz brings you reusable Hessian bags. Also known as jute bags, these bags are not just tough and reusable but they are a very environmentally-friendly biodegradable product. Traditionally used as a sack for storing potatoes, these hessian bags can also be used to pack or store a variety of agricultural products, the material is breathable and prevents your food from heating up and rotting in the summer.

PurpleSpoilz brings its customers a stylish range of Hessian bags that are eco-friendly and made of biodegradable material which is non-polluting and sustainable. Browse through our wide range of eco-friendly Hessian bags that are a natural alternative to polypropylene and plastic bags.

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