Streamlined and attractive, strong and durable, the Posi-Pour™ 2000 is designed for the professional bartender in a fast paced environment. The fastest and most accurate control pourer in the world, the Posi-Pour™ 2000 is available in 4 colours. Also available are the caps for the pourers

  • Genuine 'PosiPour' measured pourer with patented ball bearing dispensing system.
  • Industry standard, fits all standard liquor bottles
  • Pours liquor, spirits, syrups and oils
  • Ball bearing system, just invert the bottle and 30ml is released
  • Angled spout increases control and reduces spillage
  • Ribbed rubber cork
  • Available in Smoke, Red, Blue and Green colours
  • Caps available as well


Boost Profits With Portion Control
Pour the size you want to  pour without offending your customers. The Posi-Pour 2000™ delivers a measured shot every time, without spilling a drop. No guessing, "burned" drinks, under-pours or spillage waste.

The Posi-Pour 2000™ boosts profits and gives dependable bottle yields (usually four to six shots more per bottle than with conventional, non-measuring pourers).

Please Customers With Uniform Shots Without Being Offensive
Handsomely designed, the Posi-Pour 2000™ looks and acts like a standard pourer. No gadgetry or bulky construction. Fast 1/2-second recycle time. Customers don't suspect it's a measuring pourer.

Fast, Accurate, And Easy To Use
The speed and ease of operation of the Posi-Pour 2000™ is ideal for novice bartenders, professional bartenders and bar owners who want to give customers what they pay for - and still have bottle-top inventory control.

Simple, Trouble Free Design
Made of inert material not affected by acids, alcohol, detergent, etc. Clean and sanitary as glass. Requires only occasional soaking in hot detergent water. Simple gravity and vacuum design. Uses only two moving parts. The Posi-Pour 2000™ recycles in just 1/2 second.

Now Is The Time
There has never been a better time than today for liquor portion control. Constant price increases, higher liquor taxes and tougher drunk driving laws make it essential to stop overpouring now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first when I get my Posi-Pours?
Soak the pourers in lukewarm, soapy water, then rinse in cold water.

What's the best way to insert and remove my Posi-Pours?
Always wet the corks for easy insertion into bottles. Push the pourer straight into the bottle. Remove the pourer by pulling straight up and out of the bottle.

How do I pour with a Posi-Pour?
Use a natural pouring motion. Bring the spout to the lip of the glass and raise the tail of the bottle to a 45° angle. Do not "Whip" the bottle. Do not "Baby" the bottle. 

Do I need to do anything different when the bottle is nearly empty?
When the bottle is nearly empty, roll the liquor up to the neck of the bottle - then raise the bottle to a 45° angle.

How do I clean my Posi-Pours?
Simply soak in lukewarm, soapy water, then rinse in cold, clear water. No special maintenance is required. Rinse weekly for best results.

How often do I clean the Posi-Pour when using syrups or cordials?
When using with cordials or syrups, rinse nightly.

What do I do if the cork fins flatten over time?
If cork fins flatten over time, hold under hot water for 30 seconds, then under cold water to straighten cork fins.

Caution: Water too hot for your hand is too hot for the pourer.

Can I run my Posi-Pours through a dishwasher or glasswasher?

Do Not Run Through Dishwasher.
Do Not Wash In Extremely Hot Water.

Can I test my Posi-Pours for accuracy using water?

Not Accurate With Water


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