5 Essential Tools for Homemade Pizza

Date Posted:11 March 2018 

Kids want to saute, to cut the pizza, to see how the ingredients come together. If you let them do the fun stuff, they’ll develop skills and interests that will stay with them forever. - Guy Fieri

If you enjoy home cooking, you know that the result of your food inventions and creations rely on your knowledge about food and recipes. But we also know that having the essential tools is a big game changer.

One of the best homemade meals we’ve encountered is homemade pizza. Everyone loves pizza. There’s a good reason why the phrase “pizza is life” was made.

The good news it, it doesn’t take rocket science to make a pizza. With basic cooking skills, you can make your own pizza at home. The bad news is, most pizza essential tools are not the same as most of your kitchen tools in your cooking kit. While there are many techniques in how to make a great pizza at home, there are some tools that will help you achieve the best pizza with minimal effort and time spent in the kitchen.

So if you’re planning to cook pizza tonight for the family or weekend get-togethers, you’ve come at the right place.

The Pizza Recipes

Before we go to the essential tools for making homemade pizza, here are recipes you might want to try:For the cheese lover: Three-Cheese Pizza with Pancetta and Mushrooms

For the veggie enthusiasts: Asparagus, Fingerling Potato, and Goat Cheese Pizza

For the meat lover: Sausage, Red Onion, and Wild Mushroom Pizza

For those who love strong flavours: Truffled Taleggio and Mushroom Pizza

For the adventurous: Dill Pickle and Hot Pastrami Deli Pizza

The Essential Tools

Whether you’ve made pizza countless of times or never made a pizza before, these are the essentials tools you should go for to start making pizza like a pro at home!

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"Use the dough docker by rolling over pizza or pastry dough to reduce the creation of air pockets. It aerates your pastry and creates a more evenly cooked base. Much quicker than using a fork to prick the pastry base."
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