Slow Cookers - why you need one

Date Posted:28 August 2020 

Many people dread going home at the end of their working day. That’s because the majority of us find meal prepping tedious after a hard day’s work. The last thing most of us want to do is slave over our kitchen countertop thawing, chopping, and cooking a passable dish for supper! We dream of going home to the scent of something delicious wafting in the air when we open the door. But is that even possible? 

Yes, it is, all thanks to the slow cooker!

What’s A Slow Cooker?

Slow cookers adopt the slow cooking concept where food is allowed to cook and simmer over low temperatures. This is the same principle utilized when roasting and barbecuing --- lower temperature and longer cooking time render the meat tender.

The method itself has existed for centuries and the first slow cooker came out sometime in the 70s. Though it was booted out of the popularity chair by the microwave soon after, slow cookers are enjoying a resurgence recently.

Now, we face a wide variety of the “crockpot” in the market --- manual or automatic, inside pots either non-stick or ceramic, lids in stainless or see-through glass…there’s even a portable choice.


The Advantages of Having a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers allow you to save up time. You can literally put your meal ingredients into the pot before leaving for work and come home after your shift to something delicious.

Using a slow cooker saves up your meal’s nutrients, too. It’s scientifically proven that high temperature causes the nutrients in most foods to break down. High heat is also responsible for some unhealthy chemical reactions in food that nutrition experts have pointed to as causes of illnesses such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Slow cooking does the exact opposite.

Slow cooking is a money-saver. Cheaper meat cuts go well with slow cookers as the process allows them to become tender. However, scrimping on the budget doesn’t mean scrimping on the taste, too. The vegetables in the pot absorb meat stock and whatever seasoning and spices you put in letting you have a flavorful experience come meal time.

Convinced you need a slow cooker in your life?

Get one from a trusted brand like the Masterpro Ultimate Cooker and have a grand time slow cooking!