How to make your own coffee pods for your pod machine

Date Posted:8 April 2018 

Coffee is the beverage of the creative and active intelligence. It revives and awakes the senses. 
This is the reason why it is one of the most consumed products in the world. The traditions, rituals and preparation methods differ from one country to another.
This French produced Nespresso machine compatible empty capsule is perfect for using your own choice of coffee. This pack made by Capsul'in contains 100 fillable capsules and 104 self-adhesive aluminium lids.  

Perfect for the discriminating coffee drinker. 

The pods are; 
* 100% compatibility 
Our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines from Krups, Magimix, Miele, Delonghi, Essenza, Citiz, Cub, Siemens and the latest Pixie Nespresso® machine. 
Capsul'in® is not compatible with the Nespresso® professional machines (different POD) and with the built-in Nespresso® machines with a capsule carousel like the Nespresso® Miele® CVA series. 

* Easy to use 
Enjoy the simplicity and ease of use with the innovative concept of the auto-adhesive aluminium lid - it is fast and simple to prepare My Coffee Capsule. 

* Food safe 
All materials used in the manufacturing of the capsule and the aluminium lid are suitable for contact with food. When you fill your own capsule, you eliminate the industrial process of filling the coffee capsules and any potential risk of contamination. 

* Eco-friendly 
My Coffee Capsules are made from recyclable plastic and are the perfect green alternative for those looking for an eco-friendly capsule. 

* No compromise on coffee quality 
With a vast choice of coffee blends, you are in total control of the quality of the coffee that goes into My Coffee Capsule. If you are a decaffeinated or organic coffee aficionado, then My Coffee Capsule allows to expand your choice. 

* EU quality standard 
Our capsules are manufactured in France and meet EU requirements. 

* Traceability 
All packages hold EAN code and batch number allowing full traceability throughout the supply chain.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Capsul'in? 
French produced Capsul'in is Europe's first and number one brand of empty coffee capsules compatible with all Nespresso® machines. 

Is Capsul'in associated with Nespresso®? 
No. Capsul'in is not associated with Nestle or Nespresso. Capsul'in is a unique model registered at the European Office for Harmonization under number 18290405. The Nespresso® Trademark belongs to a third party and is in no way associated with Equity Holding S.A. (the owners of Capsul'in). 

Where is Capsul'in manufactured? 
Capsul'in products are manufactured in France in accordance with EU quality standards. 

How does the empty coffee capsule work? 
Fill the empty capsules with the espresso coffee blend of your choice, apply the self-adhesive foil seal, and then insert the capsule into your Nespresso machine. 

Do I get the same result as with a Nespresso® capsule? 
Yes - If you want to, do the following test: open an original Nespresso® capsule and place its coffee content into an empty capsule - You will not be able to taste the difference. When you choose your preferred espresso blend, you will get a perfect espresso with the right "crema" as with a Nespresso® capsule. 

How long does it take to prepare an empty capsule? 
About the time it takes your Nespresso® machine to warm up - 10 to 15 seconds. It is fast and simple: fill the empty capsule with freshly ground espresso coffee, tamp lightly. Apply the auto-adhesive foil. 

Is My Coffee Capsule compatible with my new Nespresso® Pixie? 
Yes, our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines including the Pixie. 

Does the use of an empty capsule void the warranty on my Nespresso machine? 

How many capsules can I make with 250 grams of espresso coffee? 
You can make up to 50 capsules using 5 grams of coffee per capsule. 

How fine should my coffee be ground? 
For best results, request an "espresso ground", meaning ground at a middle grade. For most professional grinders, it corresponds to the grade 3/4. If you have your own grinder, do not hesitate to make your own tests using the texture of the Nespresso coffee as your guide. With the perfect grind, you can press the coffee inside the capsule (for a stronger taste) and your espresso will turn out perfectly. Store your espresso coffee in a large dry-storage coffee container, so it is easier to fill Capsul'in with coffee. 

Can I prepare my capsules in advance? For my weekly consumption for instance... 
Yes you can! Make sure that the auto-adhesive aluminium foil adheres well to the border of the capsule: Press hard on the circumference of the aluminium foil, or turn the capsule upside down and press the foil against the table. Store the pre-filled capsule in your fridge. 

What are the advantages of Capsul'in? 
Capsul'in is an empty capsule...full of qualities! An Eco-friendly alternative: Capsul'in is made of recyclable plastic. So if you are looking for a greener capsule, Capsul'in is the perfect alternative. Unlimited choice of coffee: by buying your espresso coffee from your local coffee retailers or your online coffee retailer, you have access to many different espresso coffees. You can use your favourite brand, buy Fair-trade, organic, single origin... By having the choice, you also decide on the final price of your espresso! Freshness: if you want the freshest coffee, again Capsul'in is the solution. You can fresh grind your own blend of coffee and use the Capsul'in in your Nespresso® machine. The freshness and the convenience of the Nespresso brewer are fantastic. 

What should I do with my capsules after use? 
Just drop them in your household rubbish like any other recyclable plastic.  
(The Nespresso® Trademark belongs to a third party and is in no way associated with Equity Holding S.A. (the owners of Capsul'in) and PurpleSpoilz).